1Jun 24th

Looks way less weird here on tumblr formatting-wise when they’re uploaded side by side. 

Should’ve finished this a week ago, but I’ve been mad busy! ONe more panel to go for my Bitter Suite triptych. :D

(Companion to this Gabrielle panel)

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6Jun 23rd

I should be good and hold off on posting this until I’m done with all three parts, but I am one hell of an impatient person.

(I love Gabrielle so much it hurts my very soul, wow)

23Jun 4th

I’m working on a triptych for “The Bitter Suite” episode of Xena, cuz the music has been stuck in my head and the costume design is rad. Just got to do the middle panel, now, but I wanted to share what I have so far!

Doodling some sketchcards. Enjolras is for my best bud Mandee, Xena is just because I have a one track mind.

(I’m thinking of putting some of these up in an etsy shop…? I dunno.)

I’m going to upload sketches more often from now on. Seems silly to be so picky about what I put on my site that I end up posting nothing.

1May 6th

Ok, maybe a real quick Gabrielle sketch too, since I’m in a Xena frame of mind.

37May 6th

Here’s a quick and dirty Xena, as I start to get back into the art game! now that grad school’s out for the summer, hopefully I’ll have a bit of time for drawing, again.

29May 5th

Today’s sketch of the day: one of my girls, Tara.

(My other New Year’s resolution is to get this dang script rewritten already, geez.)

1Jan 2nd

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