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EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser Review

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser Review


Model: 3581090

ASIN: B001F2117I


    • Great For Everyday Use Whether You Are Home Or Away
    • Set It And Let If Feed Your Fish Everyday.Packing dimensions(Width) 2.7 inch,Packing dimensions(Height) 5.87 inch,Packing dimensions(Depth) 3.43 inch
    • Convenient worry-free feeding for healthy fish
    • Easy To Set Up And Use And Includes Easy Start Guide
    • Integrated Fan And Ventilation System Keeps The Food Dry



3581090 Reviews

“Modified Slightly For Food Type. ”

This thing worked great. Easy to program. Only downside was that the gap was too large for tiny little fish meals. So opened it into the setting that was second and used a piece of teflon tape wrapped around electric tape to cover the majority of the opening. I left a square corrected the opening until I had the right quantity of food and open. Im not sure if the Teflon tape is demanded but I didnt want the bits that are red and the electric tape to stick together. It kept our fish live for a month absence and works great.

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser Review | 3581090 Review


“Take The Guess Work Out Of Feeding”

I have used this every day for a year and love it. I have my 55g is fed by it . Pellet food that is small is fed by me, about the size of sand. If you’ve got the door open a lot of itll dump food in. I did a few test pours into a bag so I could get it just right. I have it put on approximately 1.5 notches and its worked perfectly for me. As you can see from my picture, it does get a bit on my light, but it doesnt bother me. The feeder has helped me automate my tank, which is one less thing to worry about.I would really like to see Ehiem redesign the door so that its more sturdy/accurate, however I havent had any major trouble with it.

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser Review | 3581090 Review


“Switch To Automatic Feeding With This…”

So about six months ago I switched to automatic feeders (compared to hand feeding) and have bought about 6 of those devices (all for different tanks) as my daily drivers. I think within this course of time that I will list a couple of pros and cons about the product I think you should consider about.Pros:1) Simplicity – this product is super simple to handle and program. I lost the owners manuals a couple of months ago and frankly with three to four buttons, you dont really need the manual. Also the amount regulator is actually easy to adjust (miniature plastic doorway) depending on the quantity of food which you need to disperse. I love to err on the side of less, and just increase the # of revolutions if I feel that the fish want more.2) Consistency – this was a massive reason for me to switch to automatic feeders. I am a sucker into over-feeding, and working with nano tanks, I have gone through each problem that much food can deliver. From algae, to being tempted into an excess pinch of food for entertainments, to smelly water, to fish sake, yeah I paid for each one of them and made those mistakes. I can go weeks without ever bothering the fish food that gives me a baseline. It also helps me diagnose problems without worrying about the variable of over-feeding as a cause.3) Dependability continues to be using this device for weeks without a hitch. Mainly I wanted to utilize this as a helper during holidays, but I needed to make sure it’d perform the job while I was seeing it. Sure enough I never ran into a technical issue with this item. Additionally the dissolving food option for vacationers appeared like a cheaper path, but also the reviews I read about those products,terrified me away with putting a lot of extra compounds to the water (btw when you are away for multiple weeks you probably arent going to get somebody do water changes).Cons: (yes I would give this product 5 stars)1) Different kinds of meals – will require a second feeder. So I want two of these devices to make sure both get the food they 25, I’ve corys and gouramis at precisely the tank. For your gouramis I have food, but for the corys I have sinking pellets. I have thought about mixing the two together and using just 1 device, but I understood earlier on that the consistency could seriously fail if I tried that.2) Food of different dimensions – could have stuck. So this doesnt matter for flake food, but if you own bettas and the pellets are of different sizes then you may want to change to flakes. Should you leave the door the particles might get stuck and prevent the food from coming out, but you could end up falling food if you open the door wide. The point is, unless the pellets are always the same size, opt for the flake food AND err on the side of not dropping a lot of food.3) Moisture – dont place over an air stone or HOB filter. I discovered this the hard way coming back from a 1 week holiday. I placed the feeder and the water splashes ended about and inside the container. After a week all the food was rotten and was caked into the feeder (the fish had been fasting for quite a few days). Rachel Oleary mentioned this, that if you’ve got a fish room that was really moist or humid, you shouldnt use fish feeders and she and I totally agree. But keeping the feeder from my HOB filter and air stone was ideal in keeping all the food dry for weeks upon weeks.4) Forgetting – to alter or re-fill food. This is a superb issue but I really do forget to refill or adjust the programming base on my fish stock right now. As an instance, if I move a mess of fish from a tank and forget to adjust the amount of food lost, I can run to a problem of over-feeding. Even though this is clearly an operators error, a clinic not done regular is easy to forget.Those are my thoughts on this feeder, even with all of the drawbacks to remember, I’d definitely give this product 5 stars and I will continue to buy only this brand because it is good for me. Please note I have not used any other manufacturer, but I did comb through all of the reviews before settling with the device and I think that the pros outweigh my concerns. Hope this review helped.

EHEIM Everyday Fish Feeder Programmable Automatic Food Dispenser Review | 3581090 Review