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None Shall Pass [Explicit] Review

None Shall Pass [Explicit] Review


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    “Arguably Aesops Best Work”

    I decided to write this review after listening to Skelethon because I wished to conduct a personal compare on contrast. I find somewhat slightly denser challenge in None Shall Pass while both of them are very difficult to compare in terms of material and overall audio. Ive had to marinate on this album and I feel the combination of the wonderfully production from El-P and Blockhead, cadence, his shipping, for the listeners deciphering were impeccable, and the subjects Aesop chose to encrypt. I’ve chosen three special favorites that stand out the most to me personally personally.Catacomb Kids. Speaking on his life and growing up in Suffolk County at Northshore, New York. Almost completely within the air of sarcasm throughout the whole track saying lines like No hookie newcomer, afternoon trippin on visions of chickens that seem like R. Crumb attracted em, essentially saying that he was no stranger to skipping school and he would often day dream about rinky dink bitches (or chickenheads) that look just like the artist R.Crumb drew them. I discovered that lineup ridiculously hilarious. Also the line Crispy the god sender who thunk past a quarter plunk to local Mortal Kom venders basically sarcastically making fun of their religious church kids going to be burnt to crisp in hell for spending all of their free time in arcades playing violent games like Mortal Kombat, etc.. I found this amusing because I myself grew around children EXACTLY like this lol. Fantastic track along with much sarcasm of neighborhood skulduggery and criminal mischief I could associate to.Five Fingers. The narrative, development, and personality traits of a man that is twisted. Aesop is insisting that a twisted life begins as early as toddler stages saying lines such as Two coke bottles adorn the rogue toddler Grapple a refrigerator, gaffle vanilla wafer along with the absolute and utter failing of any guilt or scruples for sneaking with the line And no function model provoke him to shift focus, cause he noticed a cookie tastes better when its own stolen. This track can actually teach a bit about the mind of a person when broken down into several various ways. Loved it.And finally, No City. The more I hear and decipher this song the more I feel like that is among my top 5 favorite songs in hip hop history (yes I just said that). Basically in a very ROUGH nutshell Aesop is saying that guy (people in general) is intelligent and hardworking but ignorance is bliss and blind to the power that be, and as long as he (Aesop) recognizes this, he can be ahead of the curve. Like the line A is gullible you figure no brainer. Take it acquaintances didnt and his buddies cater. He’s sarcastically saying everybody is to thinking all men are equal when we obviously are not naive. Another line is Hes seemingly although brazen inferno jumped. For when his wrongs are recited by a person of fabric he wouldnt bow saying a guy could be brave and daring standing as role model amongst rebels, but since he’s currently going against grain, he is bound. And for doing things behind closed 19, while a guy who is higher up in society is busted he is generally unpunished. There is more depth to the track that I could write an article on. It is unquestionably a poetically brilliant tune that resonates very deeply with me.Aesop Rock, in my own opinion is one of one of the greatest lyricists I have ever heard. Each line he spits seems like that he spent its reason alone that makes him so prolific, and hours writing it. Your ideas shouldn’t be contemporary when engaging Aesop Rock, you should be thinking more along the lines of good poets in background such as Edgar Allen Poe or Earnest Hemingway, even a couple of very light sprinkles of Dr. Seusss style. His writings in None Shall Pass are at an absolute peak and all of the tracks are amazingly deep and teach dozens even though I lightly described 3. Aesop sees things. And until I get time to decipher Skelethon, None Shall Pass will endure as the epitome of all that’s his best album and Aesop Rock. Hope youve enjoyed the review. Thanks for reading.

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