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Photography Video Studio, 10×6.5 FT Background Support System and 800W 5500K Umbrella Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit for Photo Video Studio Shooting, Green White Black Muslin Backdrop Screen Stands

Product Features:

    Features:2X50*70cm/1.6*2.3ft Softbox reflectorAdjustable lamp holder for different shooting anglesA white front cover closes the front of the softbox, making varied lighting quick and easyUltimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting Color:Black/Silver, material: soft cloth4X200cm/7ft Light standAluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work3…
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Product Description


2X50*70cm/1.6*2.3ft Softbox reflector

Adjustable lamp holder for different shooting angles

A white front cover closes the front of the softbox, making varied lighting quick and easy

Ultimate soften light stream and remove shadow to make perfect shooting

Color:Black/Silver, material: soft cloth

4X200cm/7ft Light stand

Aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength for heavy duty work

3 section centre column and quick release levers provid fast precision height adjustment. Adjustable height: 67-200cm

Compatible with all major photo equipment including umbrella, reflector, softboxes, lights, photography lights and more

2XSingle Head Light Holder

Made of high impact plastic and aluminum.Support heavy weight and hold up against tough working conditions

Insert fluorescent spiral bulb and umbrella, adjust your mount so it is at an optimum angle for getting great photographic results

4X45W CFL Daylight Bulb

Equals to 800w regular screw base and incandescent light bulb output

Color Temp:5500K

Input Voltage: 110V

2X84cm/33” White Umbrella

Nylon construction reflects and spreads light stream evenly

1X2*3M/6.5*10ft Background Support System

Comprised of 2 tripod stands and 4 cross bar sections, making it simple to adjust the width

Made from aluminum alloy with a professional black satin finish

3X2*3M/6.5*10ft Backdrop(Black,White and Green)+6X Backdrop Clamps

100% pure cotton, good vertical sense and durable

Perfect for any costume, portrait, television, video production and large object photography

Finished along all edges to prevent tears

Rod pocket on each top edge allows to be draped or hung

1XCarry Bag for Background Support System+1XCarry Bag for Continuous Lighting Kit

With carrying bag, custom designed for background support kit and photography accessories

Product Features

  • PHOTOGRAPHY VIDEO STUDIO LIGHTING KIT: The set comes equipped with 2 high-quality softboxes, 4 light stands, 2 single head light holders, 4 bulbs, 2 umbrellas, 1 background stand support system, 3 backdrops, 6 backdrop clamps and 2 carry bags. It’s an ideal option for professional shootings including advertising products, photo-art, industrial, scientific and technical photography in areas of home, studio and even outdoors.
  • LIGHT STAND AND LIGHT HOLDER: 4 x 78.7 inch height adjustable light stand. 3 solid section centre column and quick release levers provide fast precision height adjustment: Min 26inches, Max 78.7inches. Adopting high quality aluminum alloy material, it features exceptional strength for stable, heavy duty work. The single head light holder allows you to attach a bulb to a light stand and add an umbrella at an optimum angle to get great photographic results.
  • BACKDROP SUPPORT SYSTEM: 3 x 78.7*118 inch backdrop ( Black, White and Green ) made of 100 percent cotton, wrinkle-resistant, machine washable, lightweight and durable. 2 pack 78.7inches aluminum alloy background stand, 4-piece 29.5 inches detachable crossbars allow you to achieve your desired height and width easily and conveniently. Ideal for television,video production and digital photography.
  • UMBRELLA AND LIGHTING LIGHT BULBS: 2 x white umbrella are made of high quality nylon, soften, broaden and diffuse light output evenly. 4 x 45W photography studio lighting E27 bulb are equals to 800W incandescent bulb output. 5500K fluorescent spiral bulb generates the closest match to sun light, helping you to capture the most vivid pictures. Plus, they are eco-friendly, saving energy up to 80%. The lamp lifespan is about 8000 hours.
  • LIGHTING SOFTBOX AND CARRY BAGS: 2 x 20*28 inch dimension softbox lighting reflector with E27 bulb holder. Suitable for diffusing light, ultimately soften lighting, remove the shadow, and achieve the best shots possible. Premium quality carrying bag custom designed for photography accessories. One for background support system, the other for continuous lighting kit. Perfect for on-the-go photographers. 12 Months Warranty, Pls Email to Us for Any Qustion Or Demands (